Looking Android Game For Distribution

Your game is ready post development and after promising quality analysis, it is all set for delivery. There are three popular ways to deliver a game.

  • pre-installation It means to pre-install the game on the device.
  • subscription, means to have access for a large number of games at fixed price for a certain time period.
  • and one-time purchase It means the player needs to buy or load the game him or herself.

As aggregators, operators, and distributors take android game for distribution in Qatar very seriously, they work with verified game developers and publishers who provide their game for licensing.

Why to Choose the Best Game Development Company for the Android Game for Distribution in Qatar?


The premium android game for distribution is easier where in-app payment is different everywhere and requires a lot of effort. Thus, it’s distribution of premium games is easier as it just requires to buy android games with no extra iterations, but if you have a great free-to-play game with good revenue schemes, then no need to transform into a premium one.

  • For an alternative store from AppStore and Google play, an SDK is installed, including payment and analysis gathering systems. Different game projects prefer the use of different game engines. Moreover, if in-game purchases are related to a alternative application store, then the testing is carried out directly on the partner’s side. When they find a bug, the partner sends detailed logs, and our expert android game developer works on them. The distributors tend to look after the game developer and publisher who offer a minimum guaranteed amount and game for licensing.
  • Expecting quick profits is a long term due. This is because aggregators and operators have their different working operations. The more mediators play between the game and you, the longer you have to wait for actual stats. Normally, such data analysis and processing takes 3 to 6 months. Thus, we recommend to directly coordinate with mobile game development company in Qatar to buy android games and take them for distributions.
  • All application stores have their own technical requirements and aggregators may ask or require to fix bugs or small improvements in the game with game development company in Qatar. You being distributors or buy android games for your store may need a game development company to comply with all minor technical requirements while distributing the game for licensing over several application stores.

If you have bought a game and you are trying to launch it on the App Store and Google Play, but unfortunately your games don’t have appreciable reach out there then you can also look up for the regional stores or in built stores for the device, where you can generate a great sum of revenue from there too even better than from Google Playstore.

Creatiosoft is one-stop game development company in Qatar who is offering its android games development for buy-ins where any distributors can buy android game and work with game operators with full fledged scale and get heavy sum of revenue and profits.

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