What to do & What not to do: Mobile app Marketing?

What we are doing?

1. ASO

2. Posting applications on forums and blogs

3. Active on Social Networking Sites

What else we can do or What can help us ?

Current Market Trend:

Most common activities by smartphone users:

  • SMS / text messaging – 90%
  • Maps – 72%
  • Surfing while traveling – 70%
  • Surfing while in a restaurant – 64%
  • While in a store – 63%

Most common activities by tablet users:

  • Web browsing – 88%
  • Email – 84%
  • Playing games – 72%
  • Watching videos – 52%

Source: http://ansonalex.com/infographics/smartphone-usage-statistics-and-trends-2013-infographic/

1. Analysis of market

  • Mobile and smartphone usage is most prevalent in the morning and evening. –> sms marketing or email marketing
  • From October 2010 to October 2012, email open rates on smartphones increased by 300%.
  • Mobile email creates twice as many conversions as social and search. —> Email Marketing
  • The average price of an order placed from a mobile device is higher than the average order from a tablet or desktop. –> Utility apps
  • Mobile and smartphone usage is higher Thursday – Monday than on Tuesday or Wednesday. —> Target Days

Source: http://ansonalex.com/infographics/smartphone-usage-statistics-and-trends-2013-infographic/

2. Active on others technical Forums and blogs (Graphics & development)

Development Forums

  • Android Community
  • Android Forums
  • XDA Developers
  • Android Central
  • Talk Android Forum
  • And Dev Forum

Designing Forums:

  • GDF
  • HOWDesign
  • Estetica
  • All Graphic Design
  • UCreative Forum

3. Get featured on various app review sites (depends on budget & quality of application):







4. Active on other countries app storesand top rated app stores!!

Popular app stores:

  • SlideMe
  •  AppsLib
  •  Appoke
  • Mobango etc

Chineses App Stores:

  • Baidu App Store
  • Tencent App Gem
  • Wandoujia etc

5. Most Important: Motivate your friends to rate & review our app



1. Analyze market before you develop

source: http://mashable.com/2013/02/26/smartphone-users-giving-up-mobile-apps/

2. If developed already??

  • Consider locations where the app is most downloaded like “Run Panda Run” (Trending in Russia)
  • Submit apps in that particular location top app stores e.g.

source: http://mashable.com/2013/02/26/smartphone-users-giving-up-mobile-apps/

Check Market trend for themes and development:

  • Characters (if we are targeting China then try to have characters like that only)
  • Features (Powerups according to location)

4. Try to develop error free coding with proper testing : This will help in attaining users for long term as user will check your reviews and ratings before downloading an app.