Where should I start to learn game development?

An android game development company comprises of people from categories like Designers, Artists, and Game Programmers. Each category has their own scope, if you want to be either of one of them, then you need to start few things starting off from today. Before that you need to answer if you want to be the best Unity game developer in Israel whether

  • you learnt programming?

If not, then start learning programming for OOP, data structures, standard algorithms, few languages like Javascript and more.

  • you know C#?

You should learn C#.

  • you know basics of Unity game engine?

If not then learn basics of unity game engine.

  • You know game design?

You should prefer google and game design books for theories.

The term mobile game development comes up as a very broad scope term for various range of platforms like android, windows, iOS and console. As the game development undergoes with the different phases.

What is the Game Development Process followed by best android game development company?


  • Come up with an Idea
  • Game Design Documentation
  • Build Prototypes
  • Develop the game
  • Test the game
  • Publish the game.

What are the Factors responsible for the best Mobile Game Development?

Game Physics

The most important phase of mobile game development is to set the physics of the game. Creating the game physics means developing the realistic simulations of the real world. Unity Game developers get upper hands as the Unity cover for game physics instead of doing code from the scratch.

Graphics Rendering

Graphics rendering deals with appearance of the visible game area. again Unity game developers are at advantage as Unity, game engine simplifies the graphics rendering.

Game Logic

Here it means giving the structure to the game idea.

Where should I start to learn Game Development?

Learning from textbook is not learning until you being the android game developer won’t start practicing for code, graphics and physics.Being the best game developer in Israel, you should always pick up with the dummy project and preferably a less graphics intensive project. then using the game development engine like unity3d game development release it on the multiple platforms. Practice and long run experience gives the best android game development solutions.

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